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Last Chance for BOGO

As the herd winds down and we get closer to the holidays, this is a perfect opportunity to Buy a Pet Alpaca and get a companion free of charge.

If you are in the market to start a herd, there are three pregnant young females for sale and one luscious male named John Adams who is now proven! All of those come with companion alpacas.

Since the farm is under contract we are expecting to have the alpacas placed by mid December so join us quickly to make your choices.

The Fiber Boutique will be open on weekends 1-5 pm through December 20th or give a call to make an appointment.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.

Blankstone Farm is a working Alpaca farm where you can see and touch exquisite Alpaca fleece - sometimes called "the finest wool in the world". The entire family will enjoy meeting these gentle animals and discovering the world of Alpaca. Call now to schedule a visit to the farm.

Alpaca products, from clothing to home accessories, are a wonderful, unique addition to your life. Treasured around the world for its softness and durability, rare Alpaca wool is more durable than cashmere, yet warmer and lighter than wool.